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Native American flutes , Meditating with your flute, FREE Tabs, Instruction Books, Flint Napping, Romance Fiction, Online Audio,Tips & Tricks, etc.
Come! Be inspired by the simple instruments the Universe has blessed us with! Learn to play the Native American flute!
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FluteFlights.com is dedicated to increasing the accessibility to the music of the Native American flute as well as other popular folk instruments. Most important to our mission is to offer folk instruction books that are accessable to those with limited or no music background. Music can heal our very sick planet. If we all participate, we can fix it.

MOST E-BOOKS NOW AVAILABLE ON CDs, OR IN PRINT, OR BOTH! You can still buy the packages as an ebook download, but for those who prefer their files on a tangible medium, for many of our books we now offer CD or PRINT as well. Just check out a book's description page to see price, content, and medium options.

Ukulele Finger Picking print book cover
FINGER PICK THAT UKULELE! Do you want to go beyond just strumming your uke? If you do, this is the perfect book to learn from. With detailed, step-by-step guidance, 89 stand-alone solos, 34 accompaniments and etudes, plus multiple illustrations and explanations, you will be playing interesting and complex ukulele before you know it! Anyone can learn to play ukulele from this book because it uses a clear and easy to read tablature system. Unlike the standard western notation, where the pitch of a note symbol must be memorized by its position on the staff, no memorization is required with tablature because the location of the note on the uke is instantly known from the appearance of the note. The tablature also shows how long to hold a note and what kind of effect (hammer-on, pull-off, slide, tap, etc.) to apply to the note. It's a fast way to learn, and it won't frustrate you, the eager student. You can succeed with this book, even if you've never picked up a ukulele before.
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5-String Banjo book cover Native American flute CD by WindPoem Ebook explores myth, history, and craft of the Native American flute Celebrate the Native American Flute IN PRINT cover Blues on the Native American Flute method book Earth Flute Native American total learning package
Investigate books that teach you how to play the Native American flute!
Hymns for the Native American Flute book Christmas Carols for the Native American Flute TAB book Meditative Flute book print cover Native American Flute DECODED Inexpensive PVC Native American flutes Jump-Start Flute learn the Native American flute the easy way.
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Native American flute INSTRUCTION BOOKS: Are you new to the Native American flute? Have you always wanted to give it a try but didn't know where to start? Is that flute you bought some time ago gathering dust on your wall or in some forgotten corner? Or maybe you don't own a flute but are itching to buy one. Do you know how to read music? No? No matter. The books we present on FluteFlights.com are written with both the novice and the expert in mind. The tablature can be interpreted by anyone--music background or not--and the music in our books ranges from easy to challenging. Quite literally, there is something of value for every folk flute musician on FluteFlights.com.

Custom made or inexpensive flutes: Are you trying to find a good flute builder who will build a flute the way you want it? Or are you looking for an inexpensive flute to see if if it's worthwhile to pursue flute-playing before you put more money into it than you might like? If so, WindPoem Flutes may be just the service you are looking for.

COMPLETE CUSTOMER REVIEW: I had bought a couple of books with accompanying CD from a popular site but found it rather difficult and I didn't like it too much. I thought I was stuck just playing whatever without really knowing what I was doing. Matter of fact I was in the process of putting (my flutes) up as nice ornaments on some wall. But I happened to have stumbled on your website looking for something that would help me to learn to play these flutes. Your site needs to be on page one NAF lessons where more people can see it, instead of hidden on page 5, 6, or 7. The information you provide on your site is what sold me especially playing not just meditative Native American music but also other kinds...hymns, carols, blues etc. etc. At first I was kinda reluctant to purchase anything since I had already bought materials that just didn't pan out.... I felt I had wasted my money. But your site and the information contained in it sold me and so I went into it hook, line, and sinker. I have not been disappointed. I just finished the JUMP START book. I practice all the modules as a warm-up, to get my fingers going before playing anything else. Monday I'll start on the "Celebrate the NAF". Thanks Dick. I'll keep you posted....Paul Gonzales

And thank YOU, Paul! Dick Claassen, author of the continually growing EarthFlute series of Native American flute method books


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